Execution is the twenty-first issue of the series.


The Seven Sages prepare to execute Ganondorf with a large sword. As one of them stabs him, they rejoice as he appears dead. Suddenly, he breaks free of his chains and kills the Sage holding the sword. Two other Sages get the idea to use the Mirror of Twilight to seal Ganondorf away in the Twilight Realm, so that he can be their problem instead. This works, and Ganondorf is sent to the Twilight Realm, where he meets a Twili named Zant, who is angry at Princess Midna, because she is the heir to the throne, but Zant wants to rule. Ganondorf promises to help him take over. Meanwhile, Link and Zelda finally meet up with the Writer and Dracog, who are about to fight Palifico. Dracog gives the Writer his pencil.

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Triforce Battle
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