Honor, Suicide, and Slavery is the twenty-second issue of the series.


Davy Jones is told that Palifico has gone missing by Paris Hilton, a member of his crew. Davy Jones says that she was originally supposed to serve him for 100 years, but her sentence has been reduced to 20 years because she did him a "little favor". She is distracted when her dog Tinkerbell attempts to commit suicide by leaping off the bow of the Flying Dutchman II and onto some spiked rocks. Meanwhile, the Writer shoots energy from his pencil at Palifico, but Palifico ducks and so the energy continues flying, all the way to the Flying Dutchman II where it hits and disintigrates Tinkerbell. Paris demands that, as punishment, the Writer becomes her slave for the next 20 years, at which point the Writer aks "Okay, but what's the punishment?". Meanwhile, Link duels with Palifico, and finally manages to amputate both of his arms and decapitate him, all with one spin attack.


  • This is the first time Link's signature move, the spin attack, is shown.

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