King Dracog
King Dracog from T3H Metroid Galaxy
First appearanceRandom Villain Issue
Last appearanceNone
NameDracog, King of the Dragons
StatusAlive (Accidentally blown up by Ridley, permanently killed by Dark Samus but reincarnated)
ProfessionEvil genius, king of dragons
Dracog from T3H Zelda Galaxy
First appearanceReunion
Last appearanceThe Finale
NameDracog, former King of the Dragons
ProfessionFormer king of the dragons, enslaved by Davy Jones

King Dracog is a main character of the series.


Dracog looks exactly like his son Ridley, appearing as a winged dragon with a long snout. He is colored black and has a crown on his head.


T3H Metroid GalaxyEdit

Dracog is the King of the Dragons. He wants the Relics of the Old People for an unknown reason. Dracog and his henchmen, Pickett and Bad Grammar Boy, capture Samus and Oveur, but are defeated. Dracog survives through the whole series, and was floating in the ocean after abandoning ship. He participated in "the race" but fell down a cliff after Samus used her Grapple Beam and attached it to his tail. Later, he helps Samus and the others in their quest to stop the Future Writer. He is killed pemanently when he is shot by Dark Samus, and dies in his son's arms. He, Pickett, and Bad Grammar Boy do not appear again for 30 issues.

T3H Zelda GalaxyEdit

Dracog returns as a crewmember of the Flying Dutchman II, enslaved by Davy Jones in return for the tentacled villain returning him to life after being killed. He meets up with the Writer, and the two are put under the watchful eye of Palifico. After he escapes, he is reunited with Pickett, and they betray Link and Zelda.

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