Lawsuit is the sixteenth issue of the series.


Link and Zelda continue looking for someone who can help them stop the moon. They come across an old man, who rudely replies to their queries of where to find help. He also throws his cane at Link for not getting off his lawn. Meanwhile, Davy Jones decides to put upon Link and Zelda the "Black Spot" he mentioned two issues ago. He calls up his lawyer, who turns out to be none other than Jackie Chiles, the attorney who defended Samus, Oveur, and the Writer in the fiftieth issue of T3H Metroid Galaxy. He arrives and presents a "Black Spot", which is actually a summons to court-Davy Jones is sueing them, apparently for tresspassing. However, when Jackie Chiles learns he is going up against his former affiliate, the Writer, he reconsiders.


  • Jackie Chiles's line of "The Writer? I don't want nothing to do with it!" when he finds out his former client is a defendant is the same response Chiles gave to another client in Seinfeld upon finding out Kramer was the defendant ("Kramer? I don't want nothing to do with it!")

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Three Days
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