Many vehicles have been used by characters in T3H Zelda Galaxy.

The Flying Dutchman IIEdit

The Flying Dutchman II is the space/water ship of Davy Jones. It is here that his crew serves him for an eternity. It appears to be named after the mythical ship The Flying Dutchman, hence the "II".


Many people are enslaved on the Flying Dutchman II by Davy Jones. They all appear as stick figures with a small dot in the center of their face instead of an actual face, except new recruits and Palifico.

  • The Writer (captured by Davy Jones) No longer enslaved, managed to escape
  • King Dracog (owes Davy Jones due to being revived by him) No longer enslaved, managed to escape
  • Palifico (reason for enslavement unknown) Killed by Link
  • Paris Hilton (reason for enslavement unknown, implied to because she was "a very naughty girl") No longer enslaved, simply walked off the ship

The King of Red LionsEdit

The King of Red Lions is a ship manned by several people. The whole ship is destroyed by the Kraken and its crewmembers are eaten.

S.S. ZeldaEdit

The S.S. Zelda is a royal Hyrule Navy ship. It is destroyed by the Kraken, and only two of its crewmembers live, who are promptly killed by Davy Jones's men.

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