Running gags in T3H Metroid Galaxy are a common plot element of the comic. The series has many jokes which are featured repeatedly.


The series most famous running gag is the Internet phrase ZOMG, an intentional mispelling of the shorthand phrase OMG, which stands for Oh my God. The phrase is said in almost every issue. It is rumored that the series may be redone with ZOMG in every issue.

"ZOMG, they're playing---"Edit

Another gag which recurred several times in seasons 2 and 3 involved a character yelling "ZOMG" (another running gag) followed by "they're playing-" and then a board game, such as Monoploy, Cranium, or Battle of the Sexes. Usually, the phrase was used randomly and made no sense, however, when Samus said "ZOMG, they're playing Monopoly!", it turned out that the Space Pirates she was referring to actually were playing Monopoly.

The DeLoreanEdit

The time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future series makes several appearances. Its appearance is usually something of a deus ex machina, as it usually appears out of nowhere.

Chuck NorrisEdit

Chuck Norris makes many appearances, and is often portrayed with superhuman strength.


Not one character who has been killed in the series has stayed dead-they always reincarnate, usually immediately. However, it has been said that in Issue 100 (the series finale) and the issues leading up to it, characters will die and stay dead. It has also been stated that the reason for reincarnation will be explained.

All your Base are Belong to UsEdit

Oveur and the Future Writer have both said the phrase at least once, with the Future Writer singing the famous Flash video song in the issue Metroid: T3H Musical.

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