The Carnival Man is the twenty-eighth issue of the series.


Dracog and Peterman arrive at a carnival, and Peterman launches into a long story about a time where he visited a carnival at age 12 and was scared of a three legged man. Dracog walks off to buy cotton candy, as peterman begins telling another story about a time when he ate a whole jug of ctton candy. The person selling the cotton candy is none other than Ridley, who has fulfilled his life dream. Dracog and Ridley return to Peterman, who is still telling his story as if Dracog never left. Ganondorf and Zant arrive at the Hilton Fortress, and decide to charge in and kill Paris. Link, Zelda, the Writer, and Midna stumble upon the final Fused Shadow. Peterman begins leading Dracog and Ridley to find Pickett, but they take three steps before running into him, upon which Peterman comments "Wow, I'm good!".

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But How Does that Make you Feel?
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