The Massive Battle is the twenty-ninth issue of the series.


Midna uses the Fused Shadows to transform into a giant, many-armed creature. She promptly rips Zant in half, described by Link as Midna ripping him apart "like tissue paper". Link and Zelda find Ganondorf and begin to fight him, Link dueling him with the Master Sword while Zelda prepares a Light Arrow. Meanwhile, the Writer enters the Hilton Fortress, wondering why he has to be the one to depose Paris. When he finds her, she tells him that she can "convince" him not to attack her, and he says he's getting "uncomfortable". Zelda shoots Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, paralyzing him and allowing Link to stab him through the chest with the Master Sword. The Writer returns with messy hair, and Zelda asks him why the Fortress is not destoryed, and why his hair is messy. Ganondorf continues living despite the sword in his chest, and says that he cannot die if Link does not have a piece of the Triforce. Link points out the remaining piece, the Triforce of Courage, which is conveniently sitting nearby. Before anyone can get it, Davy Jones appears in the Flying Dutchman II, and is about to claim it when Dracog, Pickett, Ridley, and Peterman come running into the scene, screaming for help. A blast of lightning soars through the air and electrocutes Davy Jones.

Secret SceneEdit

After "The End", a panel shows a mysterious robed figure, whose head is not shown, approaching the group with electricity crackling in his hand. He greets the group with the line "Hello, old friends!".

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