The Master Sword is the eighteenth issue of the series.


The Four Giants push the moon back into space, subsequently removing the evil that was possessing it. Link and Zelda walk to a pedestal containing the Master Sword, which Link takes. However, he is disappointed to find that it looks exactly like his old sword. He says that he can feel power flowing through him, and that he feels invincible, but a moment later Ganondorf comes in and telepathically chokes him, in the process revealing that he acquired the Triforce of Power. He then smashes Link against the wall and advances on Zelda, who pleads with him to stop. He says that she must make him, and suddenly Palifico appears behind Ganondorf with Davy Jones's crewmen, responding with "Okay, but only because you asked", prompting Ganondorf to worriedly start turning around.

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Oh Noes a Seizure!
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Duel with Majora

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