The Origin of the Spin-off is the first issue of the series.


The series begins with Samus and Oveur arguing about whether koalas are bears or marsupials. Suddenly Link appears and says this is his comic. Oveur tells Link to "make him (Oveur)" leave, and Link jumps towards him, sword drawn, and right before he hits him, a "Censored" panel appears. The story returns with Link standing alone, without Samus or Oveur. Zelda walks up and tells him that, usually, comics begin with an initiating event. Suddenly, a Writer's Block (the same one the Writer emerged from in his debut issue) appears and none other than the Writer himself comes out.


  • The title comes from the title of the first T3H Metroid Galaxy issue, The Origin.
  • Koalas are in fact marsupials, meaning Samus was right in her argument with Oveur.

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