The World of Paris is the twenty-sixth issue of the series.


Paris gives up on trying to shoot Link, and moves on with her world domination plan. Meanwhile, Dracog continues trying to get the identity of the healer out of the dying Pickett, but Pickett dies after saying the word "Bosco". Link, Zelda, the Writer, and Midna come across the second Fused Shadow as well as the one Dracog stole earlier. Paris combines all of the world's Hilton Hotels into one massive fortress with her face on it above the words "Bow Down". She admits that she isn't "too bright" and decides that she needs someone fanatically loyal to her to help her take over. Dracog notices that Pickett's body has vanished from their boat. Pickett awakens in a strange area, where a shadowy figure has revived him again. Pickett asks the unseen person who he is, but the person changes the subject by giving Pickett his hat back. The person is pleased that the appearance of his hat has diverted Pickett from looking at the man "in the shadows".


  • Pickett's dying word, "Bosco", as well as Dracog's response ("He's gone.....'Bosco'?") are parodies of J. Peterman's mother's dying word as well as Peterman's reaction, on Seinfeld.

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