Trace from T3H Metroid Galaxy
First appearanceLost and Found
Last appearanceNone
StatusAlive (Shot by Samus, life sucked by Gorea, electrocuted by the Future Writer)
ProfessionBounty hunter

Trace is a semi-minor character in the series. He is an alien bounty hunter.


He is drawn as a stick figure with a turnip-shaped head with a single circle in the center, as well as a triangular shaped left arm. His head floats slightly above his body.


Trace releases snakes on board the plane Samus is flying on a la Snakes on a Plane, but is sucked out through an enormous hole after the plane rips in half. He appears again while Samus and Oveur are searching for the Fangirls. He takes shots at them but doesn't notice the monster appearing behind him. He reappears while fighting Noxus over an Octolith. They team up against Samus and Oveur, who stole the Octolith while they were fighting. Noxus is killed, and Trace disappears. He reapperas guarding the eighth Octolith and manages to kill Oveur, but is shot and killed by Samus. He later reappears in Oubliette, but is killed by Gorea. He later helps fight in the massive war.


  • In a teaser for T3H Metroid Galaxy: T3H New Edition, Trace is drawn like a normal person with a turnip-shaped head with a single circle in the center floating above his body. He also has the triangular arm. In the normal series, his body is that of a stick figure.
  • Trace and Kanden are the only two hunters to appear in an issue before the Metroid Prime Hunters season.

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