Triforce Battle is the twentieth issue of the series and the second season finale.


Link and Zelda return to the Master Sword shrine, where Ganondorf blasts Palifico and his men away from him using his Triforce piece. He and Zelda decide to have an "old fasioned Triforce battle", even though it is the first one. Link and Vaati also battle each other. Meanwhile, Davy Jones gets mad at Palifico for failing, again, to capture Link and Zelda. He instead entrusts the Writer and Dracog to find them, but they instantly run away instead. However, Palifico finds them. Zelda injures Ganondorf with her Triforce powers, and Link impales Vaati's eye with his sword, finally killing him. The Seven Sages come and arrest Ganondorf, and take him away to be executed.

Secret SceneEdit

After "The End", a panel shows Ganondorf, chained to a rock in the Arbiter's Grounds, as he is about to be executed by the Seven Sages. He starts laughing as his Triforce glows.

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