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YEEAAH! is the one hundred fifty-third issue of the series.


Mother Brain begins to explain to Ridley that Samus is becoming a nuisance to their plans, but is interrupted when Ridley angrily points out that Mother Brain should speak English instead of leetspeak, as they discovered she spoke English "years ago". Mother Brain avoids the question. Meanwhile, Admiral Dane is attacked and cut in half by a shadowy figure. At the crime scene, Samus, Oveur, and the Writer look at the body. The Writer makes a pun about Dane's death ("So I guess you could say...his career...was cut short"), prompting the titular "YEEAAH!" in the style of the CSI Miami opening.


  • Ridley remarks that Mother Brain's secret--she can speak English--was revealed years ago. This is true; the issue in which this was revealed was released over two and a half years before this one. However, Ridley is mistaken to yell at her for this, as she can only speak English outside her tube (though she gains no known benefit from staying in the tube, either).
  • The Writer making a pun about Dane's death while putting on sunglasses is a parody of the trademark behavior of Horatio Cane from CSI Miami, whose bad one-liners at the scene of crimes became an Internet meme. After he makes the one-liner, the theme song opens with a loud "YEEAAH!", hence the title.

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